Minutes of the Annual Parish Meetings held Tuesday 20th April 2021 at 7.30pm by ‘Zoom’.

Helen Pilling in the Chair.


  1. Helen Pilling welcomed everyone and began the meeting with a Prayer.
  2. Catherine Webster introduced the Annual Reports (made available prior to the meeting) and outlined the agenda.
  3. Helen Pilling gave an Update on the recruitment of our next Priest. All the letters received from members of the congregation had been taken into account, as well as the discussions in seven Zoom meetings since the last APCM, which had at times been challenging. The Profile and Brochure had been produced, and the post had been advertised on the Church of England Pathways website and the Diocesan website. Bishop Toby, Archdeacon Andy Jolley and Fr Oswin Gartside CR had all assured us that these channels and word of mouth had largely taken over from printing an advert in the Church Times. The closing date for applications was 4th May, with interviews scheduled for 21st May. Bishop Toby’s sabbatical was due to begin on 1st May, but Bishop Nick would take on his role, and the two bishops had engaged in full discussions about our situation. Members made or reported favourable comments about the advertisement

Looking forward, Helen Buswell said that, following comments by our visiting priests, the Wardens would like to discontinue using paper sachets for the administration of the sacrament. This would bring us into line with the practice in almost all other churches. This would be voted on in the PCC Meeting following.

Catherine Beaumont, Bethany Harrison, Richard Smeaton and Catherine Gibson had explored the possibility of re-starting Family Services with Covid-safe modifications. This would necessitate reverting to the original times of 9.15am for the Family Service and 10.45am for High Mass.        

Alison Stretton reported that it was hoped to re-start Friday evening rehearsals for Cant & Dec and SMS. Cant & Dec would not be able to sing in Family Services for the time-being, but Choral Scholars were being invited to sing in the small choirs allowed at High Mass.

A reduced form of Playtime had re-started under the title ‘Rhymetime’, thanks particularly to Philippa Higgins and Alan Raw.

One of our Hall hirers has come back, and more are expected to re-start during the summer and autumn.

Alison emphasised that we cannot make any major changes or start expensive new projects until we have a new incumbent.     


  1. Helen Pilling thanked everyone for attending, and by name:
  • Alison Stretton and Helen Buswell for much pastoral care, as well as leading a team of volunteers in cleaning and sanitizing the church, in addition to other responsibilities;
  • Fr Bernard and Fr Godfrey for their pastoral care, helpful contributions to the Newsletter and readiness to assist with services where practicable;
  • The Readers for Zoom Morning Prayer and work on Family Services;
  • John McGhee for effectively doing a part-time job in covering the Hall and Church Facilities management in addition to his work as PCC Treasurer;
  • Alan Raw for keeping the Church and Hall cleaned, redecorated and open;
  • Vickie Kemp for compiling the weekly Newsletter and much delivering;
  • Steve Betts for hosting the weekly Zoom Coffee sessions;
  • Christopher Rathbone and the Choir for making virtual recordings;
  • PCC members for attending an unusually high number of meetings;
  • Catherine Webster, who, as PCC Secretary for the last six years, has filled this role with professionalism and grace, and will be greatly missed.

Catherine Webster replied by thanking those who had submitted APCM reports for doing so on time; and Helen Pilling for the skill with which she has chaired the PCC meetings, and Alison Stretton endorsed this.

  1. Meet the Nominees

Churchwarden. There were two nominations: Helen Buswell and Alison Stretton had both agreed to continue in office, and spoke briefly.

Deanery Synod Representatives. Ros Beeson and Val Smith had been nominated, and briefly introduced themselves. There is a vacancy for a further representative: we have five places altogether, two of which were not due for election this year.

PCC Members. There were three vacancies and three nominees: Philip Tooke, Tina Warnes and Ben Whittaker introduced themselves.

Independent Examiner. John McGhee spoke on behalf of Joanne Lake, who had agreed to continue in this role.

Head Sidesman. Helen Buswell reported that, while this position is voted on by the PCC, Janet Kish was willing to continue.



          There being no other nominations, Helen Buswell and Alison Stretton were elected for the coming year.



  1. Apologies for absence. No apologies had been received. There were 29 people present.


  1. Minutes of the Last Annual Meeting. These were proposed by John McGhee and unanimously accepted.


  1. Matters arising. There were none.


  1. Reception of the Electoral Roll. This was proposed by Alison Stretton and unanimously accepted.


  1. Approval of Annual Reports. Proposed by Helen Pilling, and unanimously accepted.


  1. Elections. Since the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies, all were declared elected.