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    young members of the congregation

Where can I sit?

You can sit anywhere you like but if you sit near the front your children will be able to watch what is going on. For the talk in the Family Service, children are invited to sit at the front, so they can both see and participate. Please feel free to join them too.

Toilets and changing facilities

These can be found in the Lobby which connects the Church to the Parish Hall. Do ask for directions or exit front right of Church.

What if my baby cries?

Do whatever you would normally do to comfort your child! Please don’t feel that you have to leave the service at the first noise, but if your child decides to have a major tantrum, it might be a good time to explore the space in the Hall.

My child won't sit still...

Most of us couldn’t when we were 2 or 3! If your child needs to be on the go, please don’t worry about them moving around. You may find that they quieten down if allowed to move rather than be restrained. However, please discourage running as our stone floors are a hard place on which to fall.

Toys and activities

There is box of toys on a carpet at the front of Church during the family service and a few activity bags at the back of Church which you can borrow at any service. Please ask those who welcome you when you arrive if you would like a bag for your child.

Can I bring my children up when I take Communion?

Yes, please do! They will receive a Blessing and so can you if you do not take Communion. Just bring your service sheet with you and the Priest will know you wish to receive a Blessing. (We also hold separate Confirmation Courses each year for young people and adults if this is something you would like to consider in the future.)

Arrangements for older children

Sunday School in the Hall is available for various ages of children during the 10.45am Sunday Mass. Children leave just before the first reading begins, and return for Communion. You are welcome to accompany your child if you wish. 


Children love to see others being baptised and so do the rest of us! We warmly welcome the baptism of children of all ages.

Do come to the Parish Hall for coffee or juice and a chat at the end of any of the Sunday morning Services.