Minutes of the meeting of the ‘Section 12 Meeting’ of the Parochial Church Council of St Margaret's, Ilkley held on Tuesday 23 March 2021 by ‘Zoom’

Marilyn Banister in the chair. Meeting started at 7.30pm.

Present: C Beaumont, R Beeson, H Buswell, C Cheater, C Gibson, G Hartley, J McGhee, H Pilling, C Ramage, D Shaw, R Smeaton, J Smith, M Still, V Smith, A Stretton, T Warnes, C Webster, S Williams, T Williams, A Wilson, Bishop Toby, Archdeacon Andy Jolley, Fr Oswin Gartside, Rev’d Mike Coe (Area Dean), Marilyn Banister (Lay Chair of the Deanery Synod)

Apologies: B Harrison


Helen Pilling welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Bishop Toby, Archdeacon Andy Jolley, Fr Oswin Gartside, Rev’d Mike Coe and Marilyn Banister for joining us, and for their support. 

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Helen thanked Marilyn Banister for kindly accepting our invitation to Chair the meeting for us.

Marilyn invited everyone to introduce themselves and give a brief overview of their roles.

The Bishop’s Statement

This had been circulated to all attending, prior to the meeting.  Bishop Toby read the Statement out, and invited comments and suggestions.  PCC members asked questions and sought clarification on certain elements, and amendments were jointly discussed and agreed.  Bishop Toby will make the changes as discussed, and re-circulate the Statement.

Discussion Around Parish Profile

Fr Oswin was impressed with the Profile.  The Archdeacon noted that this is our document which has been approved.

Any Other Business

The Brochure

Our guests were invited to make any comments or suggestions to add to the Brochure, which they duly did in turn.  Members of the Brochure Group will meet to incorporate the suggestions.  The Bishop said the Brochure looks excellent and thanked the Brochure Group for their hard work which is clearly evident. 

The Interview Process

Archdeacon Andy will draw up a Role Description and Person Specification.

The Archdeacon will prepare the first draft of the interview questions to be asked of the Applicants.  The questions will be prepared with the Parish Representatives and interview panel.

The interview panel should be well prepared to answer questions from the candidates.

The role of the PCC is to shape the Brochure and Parish Profile to give a complete picture. 

Closing Prayers

Marilyn thanked everyone for their contributions to the meeting. 

Helen Pilling thanked Marilyn for chairing the meeting, and thanked our guests for their advice and support.

Bishop Toby closed the meeting with a prayer.