Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Parochial Church Council of St Margaret's, Ilkley held on

Tuesday 9 February by ‘Zoom’

Helen Pilling in the chair. Meeting started at 7.30pm

Present: C Beaumont, R Beeson, H Buswell, C Cheater, C Gibson, B Harrison, G Hartley, J McGhee, H Pilling, C Ramage, D Shaw, R Smeaton, J Smith, M Still, V Smith, A Stretton, T Warnes, C Webster, S Williams, T Williams, A Wilson

Parish Representatives

The purpose of the meeting was to elect two Parish Representatives.  Helen Pilling thanked the three candidates for stepping forward to be considered for the roles.  The vote was undertaken by ‘Zoom Poll’, and the results of the poll were as follows:

Option A)         Rosalind Beeson and Catherine Cheater        15%

Option B)         Rosalind Beeson and Catherine Gibson          30%

Option C)         Catherine Cheater and Catherine Gibson       50%

Abstain 5%

Therefore the elected Parish Representatives are Catherine Cheater and Catherine Gibson.  Helen Pilling expressed her thanks again to all three candidates on behalf of the PCC.

Any Other Business

  • The Parish Profile

Val Smith thanked those who had responded to her request for input to her draft of the Parish Profile.  She said it was critical that all members of the PCC convey to her the skills and qualities they would like to see from the incumbent, plus any additions or amendments to the draft by 11 February.  Once everything has been incorporated, Val will share her latest draft with the PCC.   Helen Pilling will speak with Archdeacon Andy for clarity on how the Parish Profile is to be presented, and thanked Val for all the work she has done.  NB, immediately following the meeting, the MAP4 document was emailed to the PCC for consideration.