Minutes of the meeting of the Parochial Church Council of St Margaret's, Ilkley held on

Tuesday 30 March 2021 by ‘Zoom’

Helen Pilling in the chair. Meeting started at 7.30pm.

Present: C Beaumont (part), R Beeson, H Buswell, C Cheater, C Gibson, B Harrison (part), G Hartley, J McGhee, H Pilling, D Shaw, R Smeaton, J Smith, V Smith, A Stretton, T Warnes, C Webster, T Williams, A Wilson

Apologies: C Ramage, M Still, S Williams

The agenda items were taken in a different order due to some technical issues with Zoom.

Choral Singing

Alison Stretton noted that new Government guidance had been released, permitting small choir singing, according to restrictions within each building, from 11 April.  A risk assessment has been updated, and is currently with Christopher Rathbone for consideration.  Tom Williams suggested a maximum of 8 people in the choir should be allowed – 4 singers on each side; this was agreed.

Helen Pilling asked the PCC if they would be happy for the choir to start singing from 11 April, and to delegate responsibility for the necessary risk assessment matters to the Standing Committee.

This was agreed by the PCC, with one abstention.


Alison also noted, as restrictions are being lifted, that Philippa Higgins would like to re-commence Playtime in a smaller form: a stories and puppets session from 10am-10.45am had been suggested.  The proposed start date is 16 April with a maximum of around 15 toddlers, with their parents.  Possible start dates were discussed; there were some concerns that the 16th may not give enough time to prepare and that it may be necessary to delay to the 23rd.  Richard Smeaton suggested that if the Playtime team are ready to begin on 16 April then this should be encouraged.  This date fits in with the start of the school summer term.

Philippa is meeting with Vickie Kemp and Alan Raw on 30 March in the Hall to put a risk assessment together, including plans for cleaning.

Alison asked if the PCC were happy to delegate responsibility for the risk assessment and arrangements to the Standing Committee, to enable Playtime to begin on 16 April, if ready.

This was unanimously approved.

The Brochure Group

The latest draft had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Helen Pilling thanked Ros Beeson, Catherine and Kevin Cheater, and everyone else for their feedback on the Brochure in its latest draft.  Ros thanked the members of the Brochure Group for their contributions.

The amendments discussed at the Section 12 meeting around Bishop Toby’s Statement and the rest of the Brochure were reviewed and discussed again, and outcomes agreed.  Helen Pilling will speak with the Bishop about the amendments for inclusion in his Statement.  The agreed amendments will be made to the Brochure.

Helen Pilling asked the PCC to vote on the following proposal:

“That St Margaret’s adopt the Brochure in this draft form, incorporating the agreed amendments”. 

The PCC voted in favour, with two abstentions. 

Minutes of the last meeting

The Section 12 minutes were unanimously agreed.

The subsequent PCC meeting’s minutes were agreed by all but two members who abstained, as follows:

Abstainer 1: did not wish to state her reasons, nor have them minuted.

Abstainer 2: said the final paragraph regarding the Brochure did not reflect an item that was raised by a PCC member at the meeting.  Helen Pilling explained that the PCC member who raised the matter had requested for it not to be included in the minutes.  The PCC member said they would speak about their concern separately from the PCC meeting.

Matters Arising

The PCC has been keen to ensure that parishioners are updated on the PCC meetings.  Since the January meeting the minutes have been put on the website and copies have been provided to those who do not have internet access.  It was agreed that going forward the minutes will not be put onto the website or circulated until they have received PCC approval.

Catherine Webster noted that the purpose of meeting minutes is to provide an accurate, concise and clear record of the key matters discussed, decisions, resolutions and action points of the meeting. 

Any Other Business

There was no other business.