For the foreseeable future, there will be no live streamed services from St Margaret's. Instead, we will be able to access the streaming service from St Matthew's Church, Northampton. Please use the link below.

Live Services from St Matthew's Church

The services from St Matthew's are on their own website via their Facebook page. There will be an Order of Service published for each service. They will therefore be available from the start time of the service. On their site, you will also be able to catch up on any services that you may have missed.

To see the live service on a Sunday click on this link Live Service.

To see all the recordings, click on this link All Recordings. This will show the up-coming live services with a Red button and the past recordings with a Green button. Clicking on the underlined text of either of these will bring up the details of the service and also a pdf file of the Order of Service.

If you are fortunate enough to have two internet enabled devices capable of supporting an internet browser, this will mean that you could watch the service on one and follow the words on the other.

Past recordings from St Margaret's can be found below.