St Margaret’s, Ilkley


Mission Statement

(Our reason and purpose for being here is ….)

To experience and know God’s transforming love more deeply and to share that love with others.

Vision Statement

(How we want to be described in five years’ time)

An outward-looking, vibrant, and loving Christian family that is at the heart of people’s lives.


Our rich inheritance:

  • The distinctiveness, diversity and quality of our Anglo-Catholic worship and tradition.

  • The beauty and condition of our parish Church.

  • The excellent facilities, staff, and condition of our parish Hall.

  • Our diverse, talented and committed people both ordained and lay.

  • The well-established evangelistic and pastoral opportunities through “Playtime”, “Lunch Club”, “Mothers’ Union”, “Open the Book”, our wide Eucharistic ministry across the parish, and Fr Philip’s contacts with local schools.


  • The establishing of our well received Enquirers’, Confirmation and Study Courses.

  • The repayment of the Parish Hall Loan and the 50% increase in share paid year on year to £90,000. There has been a significant improvement in financial stewardship at St Margaret’s.

  • The new young people’s choir “SMS” has begun well with maturing children joining from “Cant & Dec” and we have also recruited new members. The monthly “young people’s breakfast” has also been established.


Our Church has three choirs: “Cant & Dec”, “SMS” and St Margaret’s Choir. All three are growing in numbers, strength and repertoire. They are integral to our worship and central to our growth and transformation.


The Parochial Church Council has a clear structure of governance with established committees effectively directing key parts of the life of the Church eg Facilities, Finance, Parish Hall, each drawing upon a wider range of individual gifts and interests. This has freed our PCC to pursue a strategic approach to growth in Mission Action Planning.


Many recognise that St Margaret’s could be a more outward-looking Church.

  • The “good news” of our faith and the life of our Church could be more effectively communicated into our parish and beyond.

  • We have no policy or strategic approach to outward giving to missions and charities.

  • We could be better engaged in the town.

There is a “dip” of those aged around 50+ in our congregations.


  • Our heating system has been unreliable and is not cost-effective.

  • Many find the Church nave seating uncomfortable.

  • The presentation and use of the West end of the Church could be significantly improved.

  • At high levels the Church appears quite “dusty”.


  • We can continue the “road to growth” by consolidating, caring for, and improving the successful initiatives begun through MAP1.

  • Our strengths display that we have a “good news” story to tell.

  • There is abundant opportunity to develop awareness of the missionary needs of the Church both at home and abroad.

  • There is more we could do to encourage the stewardship of the many skills and gifts latent within our congregations.

  • Our Anglo-Catholic ritual and worship offers boundless opportunities to teach the Christian faith.


  • In the medium term the availability of clergy and readers could be severely reduced and resources far more stretched.

Priority Goals

(In the coming years we want to focus on…..)

Consolidating and Improving:

  • Our Nurture Course: the Study Courses; Enquirers’ Course; and Confirmation Courses.

  • Our work with 11+: “SMS”; young people’s breakfasts; and exploring the possibility of other social events for young people.

  • Financial Stewardship: the MAP Stewardship Group will oversee an annual renewal programme to encourage newer members into regular committed giving and to offer existing members the opportunity for a yearly recommitment.


  • Establish a working group accountable to the PCC to develop a strategic and structured approach to outward giving to missions and charities.

  • The PCC and CFC will consult widely across the Church in choosing our next priorities for the stewardship of our Church building.

  • Establish a working group accountable to the PCC to review our external communications and look at improving how we share our “good news”. It may also examine how we better engage in the town.

  • Explore the harnessing of the many latent gifts and skills within the congregations, and the establishing of a “St Margaret’s Guild” to assist in a greater stewardship of the Church building and its environs.

  • Establish a working group accountable to the PCC to explore our outreach to those aged 50+.