Happy Fathers' Day! - A Children's Talk from Fr Philip.

Please find below some family talks, with children in mind, from Fr Phillip.

Please Standby… - a Children’s Talk from Fr Philip (Easter 6). In this children's talk, for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, Fr Philip shows us around the church from where we are now able to live stream worship.

We'll Meet Again - a Children's Talk from Fr Philip (Easter 4). In this children's talk, Fr Philip tells us about how we might celebrate VE Day in our present circumstances.


Nut Another Sermon ?! In today's Children's Talk, Fr Philip tells us about the story of the 'Road to Emmaus' and how the people in the story only finally recognise Jesus when he broke the bread.

“If it is a good morning, which I doubt.” In this children's talk recorded on the Second Sunday of Easter, Fr Philip talks to us about St Thomas and his time away from the other disciples. He also considers whether St Thomas could be a bit like Eeyore.

 ‘He’s Cracked It’. In this talk for Easter Day, Fr Philip talks about the Easter Egg hidden in the font at the beginning of Lent and how we can celebrate Easter at home.

In this children’s talk from Good Friday 2020, Fr Philip explains why it is called 'Good Friday' and also tells us about the Easter tradition of the simnel cake.

In this children's talk from Palm Sunday 2020, Fr Philip talks about how we could create a form of Palm Cross ourselves, at home, in the absence of being able to have one from church.