The Social Committee is comprised of a number of volunteers who work together, on behalf of the congregation, to plan the social events taking place during the year.

For example, we plan for mulled wine and mince pies after Christmas services; a Children’s party after the annual  Christingle Service; there are celebration lunches around Easter, St Margaret’s Day and Harvest; we host drinks and canapés on other occasions.

In recent years we supported a Diamond Jubilee Civic Concert and also coordinated lunches to celebrate events like Father George’s and Father Bernard’s 50th Anniversaries of Ordination.

Some members of the Social Committee support the monthly Thursday Lunch club, baking and making, serving and enjoying the company of others and eating together. Others support the coffee rota after the morning services.

Whenever anything takes place we rely on the support of other people in the congregation too and it is always a joy to see just how generous people are.

There are special events in the pipeline for this year too so make sure you keep an eye on the programme!