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On Sundays, St. Margaret’s uses a serving team at the Family Service (9.15am) and at the High Mass (10.45am). At the Family Service the team would normally comprise three children between the ages of about 6 and 14: a crucifer (cross-bearer) and two taperers (candle-bearers).

At the High Mass we aim to have four servers (teenagers and adults): a thurifer (who looks after the incense), a crucifer and two taperers. In addition, younger children (from the age of 6 upwards) may serve as boat boys or boat girls (carrying the incense-container).

Training is given in all these roles, and robes are provided. Servers may be of either sex. The rota is prepared quarterly. If you or your children are interested in serving at the High Mass, please contact the Head Server Catherine Gibson on 01943 603967.