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Prophetic Voices?

Sometimes people can say things to us or about us that really hurt. We all have the capacity on occasions to be unkind or thoughtless towards one another. However, on other occasions, it is the truth that hurts: “You are working too hard”; “You don’t spend enough time with your children”; “You only think of yourself”; “You’re drinking too much”; “You watch too much television”; “Is it only money that matters to you?”

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A favourite walk for many who come to Ilkley is to ascend the Moor from the path close to the Vicarage and head towards the “White Wells” or beyond to the “Cow and Calf”. And each of the first three Gospels gives us an account of Jesus ascending a mount with three of his friends, a story which in some respects resembles our own ascents up Ilkley Moor.


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