Special Occasions

NB During the current Coronavirus crisis, all services are suspended for the time being.


At St Margaret’s we are always delighted to welcome children or babies into the Church through baptism.

Baptism normally takes place in one of our main Sunday morning services and our parish priest, Father Philip, would normally prepare you for this.

Some photographs of a recent baptism. See more


We are delighted to have weddings at St Margaret's, however there are always some legal preliminaries to be completed before a marriage can take place in a Church of England Church.

These are to do with where you live, or whether you have a “qualifying connection” with St Margaret’s, or whether you have been married previously.

It is always best first to speak to Fr Philip who will guide you through the process and what might be required. We always try to find a way for you to enjoy your special day in St Margaret’s!

Wedding Fayre

Reflections on a Special Day

Wedding with a difference

Richard and Naomi's Wedding


A funeral can be held at St Margaret's if that is what your loved one has asked for, or you would wish as next of kin of the deceased.

Funeral arrangements are usually made by your undertaker with Fr Philip. However, if you are planning for the future or making arrangements for your last wishes, Fr Phillip would be pleased to discuss your own funeral arrangements with you.

Many do leave instructions for their funeral arrangements with the Church many years ahead and this can be very helpful for all involved. If you want to discuss matters relating to any funeral, please speak to Father Philip.

You can usually speak to Fr Philip on a Sunday morning, or on a Friday morning at Playtime in the Parish Hall, or contact him on 01943 607210

Funeral Homilies