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Richard Norman Shaw - Architect of rare distinction

One of the unexpected blessings of the lighting system that was installed in St Margaret’s a year or so ago is that we are encouraged to lift our eyes and appreciate perhaps for the first time the dramatic proportions of this impressive building. We all know it was the work of Norman Shaw, but how many of us fully understand the talents and versatility of this very significant late Victorian architect?

Christianity and St. George in a Muslim country

Islam is the official religion of Dubai, as one is reminded five times a day when the modern-day call to prayer is transmitted through loudspeakers at the top of countless minarets of mosques around the city – the plan in this fast expanding place is to have a mosque within 500 yards of any location. But the people of Dubai are tolerant of other religions and on numerous occasions the ruling family has donated plots of land for the building of churches of various denominations.

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