Stained Glass

Windows' Layout Plan     
The Benedicite Window      1
Old Testament Prophets' Window     2
Old Testament Kings' Window     3
The Incarnation Window      4
The Nunc Dimittis Window      5
The Christ with the Doctors of Law Window   6
The Good Samaritan Window     7
The Resurrection Window      8
The Ascension Window      9
The East Window       10
The Children's Window      11
Cherubim and Seraphim Window     12a
The William Morris Window     12b

Who's Who



Canon Philip Gray - Vicar

Fr Philip was born in Hull and was brought up in the East Riding.

After attending Beverley Grammar School he worked for Yorkshire Bank in Hull in their city centre branches.

He began training for ordination at Nottingham University reading Theology, followed by two years in Oxford at St Stephen's House.

Richard Norman Shaw - Architect of rare distinction

One of the unexpected blessings of the lighting system that was installed in St Margaret’s a year or so ago is that we are encouraged to lift our eyes and appreciate perhaps for the first time the dramatic proportions of this impressive building. We all know it was the work of Norman Shaw, but how many of us fully understand the talents and versatility of this very significant late Victorian architect?

Church History

St Margaret's, Ilkley, is a living and active Christian community which seeks to serve the Parish in which it stands, as well as welcoming all who come here for worship and to grow in discipleship.

Built in 1879, the Church owes its beauty and ethos to the Oxford Movement and still seeks to live out that vision today. We seek "to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness" and invite others into "that vision glorious".

Parish Hall

In October 1998 a meeting was held to decide whether we should demolish our old church hall and build a church extension to form a new Parish Hall...

In the footsteps of Jesus

Joan Buckley and I were both certain that if there was one place in the world that we should like to see before we died it was the land where Jesus walked and taught, and, with that in mind, we booked for the Lightline Pilgrimage with the above name, led by Bishop David Hope.


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