Stewardship Renewal 2014

January 2014


Dear Friends

At this time of our Annual Stewardship Renewal we would like to thank all who gave to St Margaret's during the past year, particularly all those who are committed to Planned Giving - either by Bank Standing Order or Weekly Numbered Envelope. This enabled us to budget and achieve our aims in 2013.

Once again an Annual Review booklet has been prepared and the attached file contains:

  • The progress we have made through Mission Action Planning and the successes we can celebrate

  • A report on our finances last year and the current pattern of giving

  • Our budget for this year, including the level of income we need to achieve in order to fulfil our plans.

We hope you will find the booklet interesting and informative. If you would like any further information, there is a note on the last page about who to contact.

We are once again asking all members of St Margaret's family to think carefully and prayerfully about their giving to God's church. We do hope particularly that those who are not already Planned Givers will be willing to make a commitment. Apart from being a practical way to respond to God's generosity, it helps the church to budget and manage its finances.

If we are to reach our vision for St Margaret's we will need the means to do so, as well as continuing to cover our increasing running costs.

With many thanks again for your contribution in 2013 and our very best wishes


Yours sincere

FrPhilip                                    Janet                                    Alison

Fr Philip                                 Janet Kish                           Alison Stretton