Our Wedding Blessing

On the 13thof July this summer, our wonderful blessing took place at St Margaret’s church. As the groom I can say with confidence that the radiance of the church shone through for our special day and really made it an experience that myself and my wife will never forget. 

We knew that we wanted to incorporate the church and to have God’s blessing on our union after having a traditional Ghanaian ceremony and the legal registry. From our first meeting with Fr. Philip we felt so welcomed and left feeling excited about our upcoming day. Becoming familiar and getting to know Fr. Philip was light-hearted and joyful as we got to know each other’s character, and sense of humour. Feeling completely comfortable and at home with the church was important to us both and allowed us the time to consider the meaning and significance of the blessing we were planning.

Later we participated in the marriage course offered by the church and sincerely enjoyed exploring many areas of discussion. This for us was an opportunity to take an active interest in the views and perspectives of each other, such that we can learn to live in harmony as much as possible throughout our married life. The course itself was refreshingly down to earth including matters such as communication and attitudes towards family, but also recognises that marriage is not always easy and takes much time, effort and commitment to see it through. Knowing this, we looked ahead with joyful anticipation towards our day, but with also the awareness it is not an act taken lightly.

Finally the day had come, and it was truly a celebration. The readings, choir, organist and sermon all came together perfectly and made the event an intimate and personal experience for me, my wife and all our family and friends in the congregation. We were both moved by the atmosphere and beauty of the service as we made our commitment to each other, and listened intently to the meaning of the words spoken throughout the ceremony and their meaning and significance in our own lives as we navigate our way together.

We look back with happiness at that day and at St Margaret’s with gratitude to all that made it possible. We are truly blessed.