Bank Charges

Until recently, our bank provided their services free of charge.  That has changed and despite negotiations between the Treasurer and the Bank, we are now paying significant charges for cash and cheques that we pay into and pay out of our bank account.  Cheques are charged at £1.50 each and cash £1.50 for every £100.  So, for example someone giving us a cheque for say £10 actually only £8.50 comes to the Church.

This brings into sharp focus the need wherever possible to have payments automated, which are free.  So if you currently pay your stewardship through the envelope system, or if you subscribe to the Parish magazine, for example, we ask that you consider changing to a standing order and anything you can pay by BACs or faster payments rather than cash or cheque would be very much appreciated. Please always put in the reference section what the money relates to as this assists with book-keeping. 

Our bank details are:  Sort Code  20-11-81      Account number  40101516  

Thank you.

John McGhee, Treasurer