APCM Nomination Update

Nominations as at 20th November 2020

At the meeting, the following number of vacancies can be filled. There will only be an election if the number of nominations for a particular vacancy exceed the numbers shown.

  • 2 Churchwardens
  • 5 Deanery Synod representatives
  • 13 Parochial Church Council members

To date, I have received the following nominations:


  • Nominee: Helen Buswell, Proposed by Steve Betts, Seconded by Tom Williams
  • Nominee: Alison Stretton, Proposed by Jane Sheldon, Seconded by Michelle Still


Deanery Synod:

  • Nominee: Gwyneth Hartley, Proposed by Valerie Banks, Seconded by Jane Sheldon
  • Nominee: Judith Smith, Proposer Jane Armstrong, Seconder Marie Anson



  • Nominee: Catherine Cheater, Proposed by Tina Warnes, Seconded by Geoff Cloke
  • Nominee: Bethany Harrison, Proposed by Marie Anson, Seconded by Janet Kish
  • Nominee: Michelle Still, Proposer Carmel Ramage, Seconder Helen Buswell
  • Nominee: Ros Beeson, Proposer Val Smith, Seconder Andrea Rayner
  • Nominee: Sarah Williams, Proposer Val Smith, Seconder Helen Buswell
  • Nominee: Helen Pilling, Proposer Catherine Webster, Seconder Steve Betts
  • Nominee: Richard Smeaton, Proposer Catherine Gibson, Seconder Catherine Beaumont.

Catherine Webster, PCC Secretary